Mr. Miller then stated that, based on the preamble” of an interim final rule,” it is DEA’s policy” that an electronic prescription for a controlled substance of any schedule may be forwarded from one DEA registered retail pharmacy to another DEA registered retail pharmacy” even if that prescription had not been filled. In that email (found here - ), Mr. Miller states the view that 21 CFR 1306.25 allows a pharmacy, once it has filled an original prescription for a controlled substance in Schedule III-V,” to transfer the original prescription information to another DEA registered pharmacy for the purposes of allowing that second pharmacy to then dispense any remaining valid refills” Mr. Miller further stated that an allowance currently does not exist for the forwarding of an unfilled prescription from one DEA registered retail pharmacy so that it may be filled at another DEA registered pharmacy.” REMINDER DEA POSITION ON TRANSFER OF ON FILE” CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE PRESCRIPTIONS.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BOARDS OF PHARMACY (NABP) 2018-19 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE INAUGURATED AT 114TH ANNUAL MEETING IN DENVER. (RDCI) to send a copy of this letter with Actions Required” to all impacted parties which would include both pharmacy and DME providers. Stan championed proactive measures to stem the opioid public health crisis, and we are grateful that Stan was able to see this transformative program through to completion.

Stan’s commitments to his family, his church, scouting, Randolph County (through long service as a member of the School Board and as a County Commissioner), and the state were deep and abiding. The trust and confidence that the pharmacists of this state placed in Stan demonstrated that Stan was, above all things, a servant leader throughout his life. BOARD OF PHARMACY MOURNS THE PASSING OF STAN HAYWOOD.

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